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"All smiles returned"


Welcome to Aurora Class

On this page you will be able to find out what fun and exciting activities the children have been up to in class.  

 Important Information:

  • Please can children bring their reading books into school daily. Children should read at home at least 3 times a week.
  • Every Thursday the children will have PE; occasionally they will also have some additional PE with a specialist sports coach on a Tuesday. Please can children have their full PE kits in school for this time.
  • Spellings will be set every Monday for the children to practice and learn and then they will be tested on the following Monday.
  • As part of their homework, children are expected to practice their skills on Times Tables Rock Stars! This can be done at home, or opportunities will be given at school too!

"I like being in Aurora Class, I have lots of friends in here!" - Layton          "Aurora is a really good class, Mr Barker-Platt makes things interesting." - Nadia          "Everyone in Aurora Class is really friendly, They really look out for each other." - Elicia          "People have been kind, I feel welcome." - Mohammed

05.11.18 - Maths (Ordering and Comparing)

 In Maths we have been developing our Place Value knowledge. We were all given different numbers and we had to order them in different ways, including: Smallest -> Largest, Largest -> Smallest. We then had to explain exactly why we ordered them the way that we did.

07.11.18 - English - Power of Pictures

 Aurora Class are taking part in a writing project this term, learning to use illustrations/pictures to develop our writing skills. We took a visit to Seven Stories in Newcastle to meet author and illustrator Tim Hopgood! We learned how to draw basic characters using familiar shapes and started to script our own plot for a story.

Art & Design

 This term, Aurora Class have been thrilled to welcome experienced professional Art specialist Keith, into our class every Wednesday afternoon. This has been really useful for all of us, including Mr Barker-Platt who still learns with all of us!

Tommy - "It's been amazing! We created our own characters and spaceship comics!

Armani - "I loved Art because we've used ink (I've not used them before) and inks are tricky to use."

Jack - "We have used our imaginations to create spaceships with bright inks."

Lacey - "I like how Keith, the teacher, knows so much about Art. He used to draw comics actually!"

Rio - "I like Keith, he's helped me loads!"


Check out some of our masterpieces below in our Art gallery...

13.11.18 - Religious Education

 This week during RE, Aurora Class had the opportunity to complete a hot-seating task in which they took turns to consider how God would answer key questions about his 'loveliness' and 'holiness.' They then completed a further Speaking and Listening exercise in which they developed their debating techniques and deciding whether Mr Barker-Platt was or was not allowed to call them all 'Sinners!'

Music - 21.11.18

 We've really enjoyed starting our new Charanga Music unit, 'Livin on a Prayer!'

Listen to us singing in the video below...

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Spring Term - Revolution!

Autumn Term - A Child's War

We have been participating in lots of different sports events, tournaments and festivals this year as part of PE. Click here to find out what we have been doing.

Aurora and Blanchland Curriculum Journey