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"All smiles returned"




Engage Phase - 16.01.19

Aurora Class began further reading of their new class novel, ‘Cogheart,’ written by Peter Bunzl. Children began to ask questions around vocabulary such as ‘etiquette’ and ‘deportment.’ We explored what many Victorian children, particularly young ladies would have experienced during their school lives. We were surprised to learn about the expectations of Victorian children and found it difficult to imitate the ‘deportment’ lesson!

Key Words:
Deportment – The way a person stands or walks.   

Etiquette – Polite behaviour within a group or society.

This term children in Aurora Class will be reading the fantastic novel Cogheart, written by Peter Bunzl. Inspired by the Victorian Era, this imaginative book will send children on a journey of adventure, mystery and discovery! Check back regularly for updates on our story. 

Prologue --> Chapter One

Here's what we think so far...

"It's exciting!" - Jack

"It has suspense!" - Keira

"Some people might say, the suspense is killing me!" - Omar

"Lily is a bit rude in this book, she just tells you exactly what she thinks." - Mia

"Well... Lily is definitely original." - Nadia

"Lily is disrespectful, she disagrees with her teacher!" - Riley