Ward Jackson Church of England Primary School

"All smiles returned"


A Child's War

Engage Experience Two: Enlisting Officer – Sargent Hatcher

Pupils experienced what it would have been like to be confronted with an enlisting officer as a child soldier. They were persuaded to join-up by hearing about the role they would play in protecting their country. Following this experience, pupils were able to empathise with the soldiers who were recruited in this way.

Innovate Phase: Persuasive Speech

Pupils used their experience with an enlisting officer to write their own speech to persuade able-bodied men to sing-up to war. They used the speech from Private Peaceful as a starting point and watched the dramatized version to help them get into character. 

Engage Experience One: Evacuation

Pupils were put in the role of a WW2 evacuees, experiencing what it would be like to leave the familiarity of home and family to be displaced elsewhere. Pupils packed their own shoe box filled with memories of home and were sent to stay on a farm. Throughout the experience, pupils reflected on how it made them feel and what it would have been like to experience this in real life. Following this, pupils worked in groups to create a short presentation about evacuation using propaganda posters as a stimulus. 

Develop Phase: Propaganda Posters

Pupils have explored the use of propaganda posters from WW1, examining how images, colours and words were used to encourage a nation to become one. Following this, they then created their own propaganda posters using a range of materials and different art techniques.