Ward Jackson Church of England Primary School

"All smiles returned"


Wingfield Class

Welcome to Wingfield Class!


Teacher: Miss Petch
Teaching Assistant/Support Staff: Mrs Smurthwait, Mr Trowsdale & Miss James

From this page you can sample the subject(s)/topic(s) that your child will be learning throughout the year.

Topic webs can be found early each term to allow parents to see a more in-depth view of the lessons being provided within school.


As part of our RE lesson we've been discussing what it means to be victorious. We looked at how people could feel victorious over big events like winning the World Cup, but also when people had made small, personal achievements.  

Ward Jackson Park

Class had a great day visiting Ward Jackson Park. While there we did some pond dipping, searching for wildlife and enjoyed a lovely picnic in the sun. 

This term the children have explored materials and their properties. They have seen how materials can be in a solid, liquid or gas state.

They explored reversible and irreversible changes. This gave the children the opportunity to separate mixtures and create new products.

They all enjoyed making slime, salt dough and moon sand.

We have been working hard in our maths lessons and have been using lots of different resources to help us including playing cards, Numicon and fraction walls. 

The children have explored The Bible learning about the different parts of the Bible as well as learning how to reference.

On the approach to Christmas the children located the nativity story and found how the versions differed between the gospels of Matthew and Luke.


This term in PE we are learning how to street dance with Adam.