Ward Jackson Church of England Primary School

"All smiles returned"


Accelerated Reader  


At Ward Jackson C of E Primary School, we have recently launched a new reading programme: Accelerated Reader. At present, this reading scheme is currently established across KS2 (Y3 – Y6). It is our intention to implement this reading system into KS1 within the summer term of 2018.

The Accelerated Reader programme enables parents, children and teachers to closely monitor the reading progression of children; it also enables pupils to select books which appeal to their reading ability and interest levels. 

Parent Voice Feedback:

“Accelerated Reader has given my child positive encouragement to not only read more but also want to better herself.”

(Y4 parent)

“I can’t get him to stop reading now.” 

(Y6 parent)

“If he forgets his reading record on a morning, he will make us go home for it. He knows how important reading is, he            reads every night." 

(Y6 parent)


Staff Voice Feedback:

“The children are so motivated by AR. They are working to improve themselves as readers both individually and collectively as a class."

“Children are motivated by the instant feedback, excited to read and have increased confidence levels.”

“Children enjoy AR time and are proud to share their scores. The online tool allows me to monitor each child’s individual progress.”

“I have noticed a massive difference in the amount of children actually reading during reading time. The competition has encouraged more reading.”

Wingfield AR Winners - Seven Stories Visit
Wingfield AR Winners - Seven Stories Visit