Ward Jackson Church of England Primary School

"All smiles returned"


Sports Funding

Year 2017-2018

Total sum awarded: £13,395

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Year 2016-2017

Total sum awarded: £8462

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38% of the total funding will be paid to Dyke House to provide specialist coaching in Gymnastics and Dance in Key Stage One.

They will also provide bespoke training for an NQT and recently qualified training.

In addition to that, a specialist is working with our Year Five and Year Six children to help identify potential high achievers and support children with strength and conditioning exercises.

We will continue to pay for the additional half an hour each week of swimming lessons.

This is proving to be very successful.

There are currently three extra-curricular sports clubs running which are led by school staff.

With the remainder of our budget, we hope to invest in further training for our school staff, support children to access town clubs to develop their skills and have a mini gym installed on the school yard.


Please click on this link to see the impact of the sports funding spent this year.

Year 2015-2016

Total sum awarded: £8459

40% of the total funding has been given to Dyke House School to provide a specialist coach to support the teaching of Gymnastics and Dance in Castle Eden, Norlina and Sepia classes.

In addition Dyke House have also provided play leaders training for our Year Five/Six children in Wingfield and Blanchland classes.

There is also coaching in other sports such as hockey and tag rugby.

These lessons are taught with teachers and teaching assistants present with a view to school staff becoming increasingly involved in the teaching over the course of each set of lessons.

As part of our link with Dyke House, they run many cluster competitions.

The children have taken part in Dance, Multi-sports, Football and Athletics competitions this year.

The funding has also been used to continue the hour long swimming lessons.

This is £30 per week (£1080 per year) for the extra half an hour, with the first half an hour being paid from school funds.

In addition, we have three sports based clubs running after school run by school staff.

We try to offer a range of sports and activities over the course of the year to encourage a range of children to participate.

This year we have had Change4Life, Cricket, Football, Tag Rugby and Multi-skills clubs.

Additional resources have been bought for the “Quad” to make it a more active area.

We are also investing in playground markings in the “Quad”- a small enclosed area which is great for small groups or younger children to explore.

So far this year we have had the fabulous experience of having Great Britain, Olympic and World Athlete, Chris Tomlinson, visit our school to do some fitness training with us and talk to us about his life. He gave us great advice. “Find something you enjoy, work extra hard at it, and you will achieve your best.”


Two of our pupils qualified for the town wide cross country finals. One of those pupils then went on to represent the school in the county finals- a huge achievement.

We can see an increase in the number of children who are achieving the 25m standard and many children show much more confidence in the water.

A number of children have attended Change for Life club who have previously not engaged in sports club activities.

We have extra resources and equipment available on the yard and in the Quad to promote active playtimes.

Year 2014-2015

Total sum awarded £8450

40% of the total sum (£3380) was given to Dyke House School in return for specialist PE services.

This Year we have had a specialist Dance and Gym coach working for 2 hours per week with classes across school.

A second coach came in to teach Hockey and Athletics.

These lessons have been taught in the presence of teaching and support staff as part of their professional development.

We have also had Year 10 and Year 11 pupils from Dyke House running a weekly after school club supported by a staff member.

An additional amount was paid to Dyke House to extend swimming lesson times from half an hour to an hour.

The decision was made to extend the swimming lesson time as too many children were leaving Year 6 with the bare minimum expected (25 meters).

We felt that swimming is an essential life skill and we wanted the children to leave us as confident swimmers.

We also made the decision to have the same class of children go swimming for a full year rather 2 classes sharing the sessions.

This costs an extra £30 per week (£1080 per year).

We have taken part in several events this year run by Dyke House School including a Katie Morag Orienteering event for Year One and Cross Country events for Key Stage Two.

One of our children did exceptionally well this year and went on to County Finals.

We have actively promoted after school clubs this year and have engaged more children in physical activity.

We have also purchased additional equipment to promote further physical activity at playtime and during lunch breaks.