Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is rich, broad and balanced through which students are taught the skills of Mathematics and English, Science, Technology, Humanities and Arts in a structured and meaningful way. 

Every experience of every child develops their: ​

  • independence of thought ​
  • critical thinking skills ​
  • questioning ​
  • leadership ​

 Experiences at Ward Jackson promote empowerment. ​

 The learning value of every experience is considered and maximised.

Personal, Social, Health, Emotional (PSHE), spiritual development and relationship skill development is integral to all we do.

In our EYFS and Key Stage 1 classrooms, these are introduced through a mix of traditional teacher-led activities and enquiry led, child-centred, play-based learning, engaging pupils’ natural curiosity and interests.

In Key Stage 2, pupils follow enquiries that tie their learning together through one key line of enquiry or enquiry question.


Assessment compliments and assists everything we do here at Ward Jackson. By understanding each learner, we know that we provide each individual with a tailored, engaging and supportive education.

In all our classrooms, teachers use on-going formative assessment to ensure lessons and instruction fit pupils’ needs and offer suitable challenges. We want our pupils to be confident; feeling a sense of belonging and purpose when they come to school each day.



Ward Jackson Church of England Primary School is part of the Durham and Newcastle Diocesan Learning Trust. Durham and Newcastle Diocesan Learning Trust is a company limited by guarantee (company number 108472279) and exempt charity registered in England and Wales at Cuthbert House, Stonebridge, Durham, DH1 3RY.