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Curriculum Enrichment

In addition to teaching the National Curriculum, the school also offers Enrichment Curriculum Time which aims to develop children’s life skills and provide vertical learning opportunities. Every Friday afternoon between 2 – 3pm, the whole school takes part in a wide variety of enrichment activities.

We effectively use parent and pupil voice to plan bespoke enrichment activities which families have requested further exploration with. Each child is then offered a choice of exciting activities and will participate in this activity for one half- term (placed within a mixed-age group). Activities cover a wide range of areas but all encourage children to develop personal, learning and thinking skills inclusive of: team work, self reflection and critical thinking. We also provide activities which will promote self-esteem and develop social skills. We work in close partnership with the local community; we use local amenities and facilities to enable pupils to build links with local groups in the community such as Mill House Leisure Centre and local dance schools. 

This term we have lots of exciting activities for the children to become involved with.  

  • Music with Jamie from Music Box
  • Centre for Independent Living 
  • Lego Club
  • Sewing Club
  • Knitting Club
  • Summerhill
  • Charlotte Grange Care Home
  • Movie Club
  • Animation Club
  • First-aid
  • Jewellery Making

“Street dance is just so good. I just throw moves.” Josh (Reception)

“I like playing Duck, Duck, Goose!” Bridie (Y1)

“I love music with Jamie, we guess which song he’s playing.” Rebecca (Y2)

“I love street dance because you get to do funky moves.” Leah (Y2)

“My favourite thing is science. I got to make a windmill.” Eva (Y2)

“I like it when I go to trampolining. It’s good fun!” Jakub (Y5)

“Crazy science is my favourite. It’s great and I get to help the teacher.” Natalia (Y6)

“I can help to teach the younger children how to play football. It will help me as I want to be a sports coach.” Brooklyn (Y6)

“I like going to Summerhill to play outside. I got to see a real frog!” Kadi (Y1)

“At Summerhill we made rainbows and houses for the fairies!” Lydia (Reception)

“Multisport is the best. I love playing football and running and jumping around.” David (Y1)

“I loved baking, decorating cookies and making mini cupcakes.” Laila (Y2)

“Bowling was amazing! I didn’t win but it was fun.” Tommy (Y3) 

We are a Rights Respecting School...

Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities - Article 31

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