Ward Jackson Church of England Primary School

"All smiles returned"


Arch Bishop of York's Youth Trust

Big Question: What changes do you want to see in the world?

“I want to see every person have equal rights.” James

“I want to see people know the difference between right and wrong, so we have less bad people.” Jay

“I want to stop climate change so we can protect the polar bears and other artic animals who are in danger.” Danny

“I want to see an end to bulling because it hurts people.” Colin

“I want to see an end to war and destruction, so people can live in peace.” Kian

“I want to see less pollution in the world.” Dominic

“I think we should use more sustainable materials to build houses.” Matthew

Obstacle Course:

“I told Logen to follow the sound of my clicking to guide him around the obstacle course.” James

“It was easier to do when you knew what the course looked like.” Logen

“It was hard to not grab hold of Natalia and put her in the right place.” Shania

“I found it really difficult to explain how I wanted Jay to move.” Brooklyn

“I kept pointing in the direction I wanted Varit to move, forgetting he was blindfolded.” Dominic

Big Question: Does it cost to change the world?

“Yes and no. It costs nothing to pick up litter but you donate to charities to make a difference and that cost.” Danny

“It can cost you time. Volunteers give up their own time to do good things.” Varit

“A smile is free!” Logen

“Sometimes you can change the world by doing something free. But if you give someone clean water it is going to cost.” Paige T

“You can change the world by doing small things like recycling and that doesn’t cost us but it does cost the people who make it into something else.” Jay

Random Acts of Kindness: Thank you cards

“I sent a letter to Mr Akers to tell him how amazing I think our school is.” Chelsea

“I gave my card to Baz to thank him for running our football team.” Brooklyn

“I wrote my card for Mrs Hatcher to tell her how much I appreciate her.” Paige S

“I wrote to my mam and step-dad to thank them for always helping me.” Taylor

“I sent mine to Miss Robinson to thank her for helping me with work this year.” Paige T

“I gave my letter to Mrs Campbell to tell her how great a teacher she is.” Marie

Cup Challenge: Pupils team work and communication skills were put to the test when they had to make a plastic cup pyramid by moving the cups using elastic bands.  They also made freeze frames of how good and bad leadership can look. 

Big Question: Is our community perfect?

“Yes and no. There are nice places and people but there is litter everywhere and things that need improving.” Jay

“No because there is lots of litter and pollution.” Riley

“If the people are nice it gives the place a happy vibe but it you live with unkind people it makes you feel miserable about the place.” Matthew

“No because there are lots of abandoned houses.” Varit

“No because there are lots of pot holes that can become a hazard.” Danny

“No because there are things that are old and burned out.” Madiyyah

“No because there are boarded up windows that have been smashed.” Marie

Paper Bag Challenge:

Pupils explored global issues of injustice through studying the lives of families in Calcutta, India.

The minimum cost for one person for one week is 182 rupees.

The minimum cost for our class for one week is 3822 rupees.

We earned 4 rupees in ten minutes.

We earned 24 rupees in one hour.

We would earn 240 rupees in a ten-hour working day.

We would earn 1680 rupees in a seven-day working week.

Our class would not make enough money to survive.

Summer Fayre

Pupils organised their own stalls, created things to sell, advertised the event and successfully raised money for the school.

Big Question: Is changing the world easy?

“I think it is easy to change the world because you only have to be born to change your parents’ lives so why not change other peoples?” Riley

“Yes, it is about making small decisions which can have a big impact on the world.” Dylan

“I think it depends on what you want to change. Something’s will be easy, while others will be hard.” Matthew

“Some people might like the world as it is so don’t want to change.” Lilly

“No, there are billions of people on the Earth so you can’t change everyone’s life.” - Jay

Things to improve in our community:


Play Park



Boarded up windows

Land opposite school

Paths and roads

Big Question: What does the world need and what does the world want?

“I think the world needs to use less natural and non-renewable resources.” Riley

“The world needs more trees for oxygen and so it can be more beautiful.” Kian

“The world needs people to stop littering and throwing things away. It wants good people.” Jay

Big Question: Does it matter if people say thank you?

“It is respectful to say thank you to someone.” Kaitlin

“It is kind and considerate. Saying thank you shows that you appreciated what they have done.” Jay

“Saying thank you can improve yours and other peoples attitude.” James

“It shows that you are thankful for them.” Riley

“Saying thank you is polite” Brooklyn

Community Action: Litter Picking

Following our work on exploring our community, pupils identified litter as one of the key issues they wanted to help change.

Advent Challenge

Throughout the season of Advent the whole school are participating in our challenge. We will be spending time thinking about others, encouraging one another, giving our time to help people and donating gifts to charities.