Ward Jackson Church of England Primary School

"All smiles returned"


 Subject Leader: Mrs Law


At Ward Jackson, Science stimulates pupils’ curiosity about the world around them. Science teaching helps children to develop enquiring minds and equips them with key skills so that they are increasingly able to research answers to their own questions.

Our Science curriculum is based fundamentally on the principles that Science is good when it:

  • Is relevant and related to real life, current topics of interest, and means something to us
  • Allows us to ask lots of questions and develop our vocabulary
  • Lets us investigate and explore in a practical, hands-on and experimental way
  • Challenges our understanding and encourages us to think about our scientific ideas
  • Encourages us to apply our knowledge, skills, and understanding at home and at school
  • Gives us opportunities to work with others
  • Enables us to use appropriate, high-quality resources

STEM Ambassador School

We are a STEM Ambassador School and launched the 1st ever STEAM Day in the North-East in collaboration with Hartlepool College for Further Education.

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Pupil-Led Investigations

At Ward Jackson, we believe that Science should be a fun and exciting topic, which allows the children to learn through investigating. We have been working hard to answer some interesting questions in our lessons, including;

What is the best type of rock to use for a kitchen worktop?

What is the best material to use to make a raincoat for a bear?

Which materials make the best thermal insulators?

Take a look at some of our investigations in action.

Aurora and Blanchland Class - Life Centre Visit

On Wednesday 22nd May, we welcomed guests from the Life Centre in Newcastle who delivered a whole day workshop on Gears, Levers and Pulleys! We learned circus skills, engineering techniques and had a whole load of fun in the process.

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What our children say about Science

'I really like Science lessons. The experiments are fun,'

Ana - Year 1


'Science lessons are really important because if you wanted to be a builder, you would need to know what materials to use'

Laila - Year 2


'My favourite part of Science so far was when we went to Teesmouth Field Centre. We rubbed rocks together to make sand'

Katie - Year 3

'I think that what we learn in Science comes in useful. For example, never put electricity next to water'

Jonathan - Year 4


'I really enjoy carrying out experiments during Science lessons. We did a great experiment to find out about resistance'

Keira - Year 5


If we didn't have Science, then we wouldn't know about a lot of things. We wouldn't know about us or plants, and some technology might not have been invented'

Harley - Year 6

Wingfild Class - Bring It On!

On Wednesday 9th October, Wingfield Class travelled to the Beacon of Light in Sunderland to take part in their science fayre. Children met scientists from all over the country who showed them new and exciting ways in which science is changing the world. Children were inspired by the number of jobs where science knowledge and skills are key – they were even able to have a try at some of the jobs themselves.

Check out our gallery below!