Ward Jackson Church of England Primary School

"All smiles returned"


Mobile Library Visits 

How often do children engage with their local library?

We are very fortunate to have secured fortnightly mobile library visits from Hartlepool Borough Council Library Service. Our children enjoy accessing the local library services and look forward to the fortnightly visits from the mobile library. Please see our timetables below for key dates and times. Children have also enjoyed visits to the Central Library during enrichment time and participating in the summer reading challenge.   

 Mobile Library Pupil Voice - November 2018

"I like that there are loads of books – I got a book about snakes – it had lots of pictures and writing on it. The library man is called Ken." 

Year 1
"I like it when we get nice books from the library, I like reading them. It’s exciting to go on the bus for princess books."

Year 2
"The bus is nice because I like to read about fairy unicorns and Mariella Mystery books – I’ve just read the ‘Disappearing Dinner Ladies."

Year 3
"I think it’s quite kind that they are letting us use their library and that we get to change our books – I’ve just borrowed a book about horses."

Year 4
"The library is fun because we get to pick different books. I borrowed ‘Hooray for Bread’ – it was about a baker and baker’s wife - they had bread for every meal!"

Year 5
"It’s fun because you don’t have to walk to the library, it’s just there for everyone to enjoy. You go in and it’s just like where do you look? There’s so much choice."

Year 6
"You can choose from lots of books, if there’s a book we don’t have in school we can look there. Mrs Hatcher found a book she was going to buy at the shops and took that out. I liked the books about the Stone Ages and Iron Ages."