Ward Jackson Church of England Primary School

"All smiles returned"



Subject Leader: Miss Petch 

At Ward Jackson we make learning in maths stick! 

Our Maths Curriculum

Our curriculum and policy for maths is based on 'The National Curriculum For England and Wales (2014)'. Maths in EYFS is based on the 'Statutory Framework for the Foundation Stage'. Click the links below for more information.  We cover the national curriculum objectives in small progressive steps using a scheme called Whiterose Hub. This scheme was chosen for our children because it has been developed by experts in teaching maths following the mastery approach. Please read our maths policy for further information on our rationale and approaches to teaching high quality, memorable maths. 





How we teach maths at Ward Jackson

Our Long Term Maths plans

We use Whiterose Hub long term planning to ensure curriculum objectives are met in a progressive manner. 

Please find our long term overviews for each year group below. 

Norlina ( Year 1 and 2)

Aurora (Year 3 and 4)

Wingfield (Year 4 and 5)

Blanchland (Year 6)

Progression of Maths Skills

We use the skills progression documents below (from the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Maths) to connect and revisit prior learning. They also show how learning is built upon as the children move on through school.