Ward Jackson Church of England Primary School

"All smiles returned"


     Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education

Subject Leader: Mr Akers

At Ward Jackson Church of England Primary School, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality spiritual, moral, social and cultural education. SMSC is embedded into every aspect of our life at Ward Jackson - particularly our daily worships, pedagogy and curriculum enrichment.  

SMSC runs throughout the school - from nursery to Y6. We use a range of methods to track, monitor and assess SMSC and Fundamental British Values; methods include tracking SMSC coverage through our curriculum floorbooks and gathering pupil voice. 

SMSC Coverage


  1. Develop personal values and beliefs
  2. Experience fascination, awe and wonder
  3. Exploring the values and beliefs of others
  4. Understanding human feeling and emotions
  5. Using imagination and creativity in learning


  1. Developing and expressing personal views and values
  2. Investigating moral values and ethical issues
  3. Moral codes and models of moral virtue
  4. Recognising right and wrong and applying it
  5. Understanding the consequences of actions


  1. Developing personal qualities and using social skills
  2. Participation, cooperation and resolving conflicts
  3. Understanding how communities and societies function


  1. Exploring, understanding and respecting diversity
  2. Participating and responding to cultural activities
  3. Preparing for life in modern Britain
  4. Understanding and appreciating personal influences


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