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Privacy & Copyright

This site contains information and photographs that conforms to the following rules:

If photographs are used:

  1. Children are referred to by their first name only if at all. No reference to names is given in photographs.
  2. All parents at Ward Jackson C of E School are asked to an annual basis if their children’s photographs can be used on the site.
  3. If you do not wish your child to be on the site then either send a letter addressed to the Headteacher or inform the office so our records can be updated.

Any views or opinions given on external sites are that of the publisher and not that of Ward Jackson C of E Primary School.

Any external website listed on this site is for guidance and advice only.


Privacy Notice 


The school collects and holds personal data regarding your child, and this is listed below. The personal data is essential for the school to fulfill their official functions and meet legal requirements.

  • personal identifiers and contacts (such as name, unique pupil number, contact details and address)
  • characteristics (such as ethnicity, language, and free school meal eligibility)
  • safeguarding information (such as court orders and professional involvement)
  • special educational needs (including the needs and ranking)
  • medical and administration (such as doctors information, child health, dental health, allergies, medication and dietary requirements)
  • attendance (such as sessions attended, number of absences, absence reasons and any previous schools attended)
  • assessment and attainment (such as key stage 1 and phonics results, post 16 courses enrolled for and any relevant results)
  • behavioural information (such as exclusions and any relevant alternative provision put in place)

We collect and use pupil information, for the following purposes:

a) to support pupil learning

b) to monitor and report on pupil attainment progress

c) to provide appropriate pastoral care

d) to assess the quality of our services

e) to keep children safe (food allergies, or emergency contact details)

f) to meet the statutory duties placed upon us by the Department for Education


At the point of transition to secondary school are legally required to transfer information as described in The Education (Pupil Information) (England) Regulations 2005. This includes information relating to:

  • Pupil Identifiers such as name, date of birth, gender;
  • Basic Details including characteristics such as language, disabilities, ethnicity, medical flags;
  • Free School Meal Eligibility including dates of entitlement;
  • Looked After Child flag
  • Service Child flag including any concerns;
  • Special Educational Needs such as the type of provision your child receives and the needs your child has;
  • Address Details including phone and email addresses;
  • Contact Details including address, phone numbers and email addresses;
  • Assessments including a history of assessments from early years onwards;
  • School History including schools attended, dates attended and why your child left the previous schools.

In addition, in order to further support transition information in the following areas will be shared if held:

  • Learning style;
  • Social & emotional development and behaviour;
  • Punctuality;
  • Early Help/Social Care involvement;
  • Child and family Circumstances;
  • Home to School Partnership arrangements;
  • Friendship groups.