Ward Jackson Church of England Primary School

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Remote Learning at Ward Jackson

If your child has been  affected by COVID-19 and they need to work at home while they are waiting for the outcome of a test, are self-isolating or have tested positive for a test then school will provide a remote learning package that will enable them to continue their learning at home.

School use 2 main platforms for our remote learning:

These are online learning platforms that are used across the country and will hopefully minimise the impact of Covid-19 on your child's learning.

Our Remote Learning Policy

FAQ from Parents supporting with remote learning at Ward Jackson


When will you need to engage with remote learning?

  • Your child will need to engage with the school’s offer of remote learning if your child is off due to any Covid-19 related illness


What should I expect from school?

You can read the school’s remote learning policy on the school website, but in summary:

  • Log-in information will supplied for SeeSaw or Tapestry and any other online learning platforms
  • Work to be set within 24 hours of school being notified
  • Work will link in with the children’s topic of study in school
  • Age appropriate work set
  • Daily tasks set
  • Daily feedback given for work completed


How will that work from home?

School uses two online platforms to engage with learning from home:

  • In Early Years they will use Tapestry
  • In year 1 – year 6 they will use SeeSaw


What if I don’t have the technology?

  • You will be asked if there are any obstacles to your child completing their remote learning from home. Support will be given to overcome any barriers to learning remotely wherever possible.


What if my child can’t do the work?

  • The teachers will be available to support children’s learning via the remote learning platforms. Please message them with any particular challenges you are having as they can upload videos or audio messages helping to explain how work could be completed.


What if my child isn’t well enough to complete the work?

  • School will still set work for your child but please inform us if they are too unwell to complete the remote learning, we wouldn’t expect them to complete the work unless they were feeling well enough to do so.